An Approach for Information Hiding Using Inverse Z-Transform and Genetic Algorithm

Aayushi Mishra, Prof. Pradeep Kumar, Praveen Misra, Ashutosh Kumar Pathak


Abstract - Steganography is an art that involves communication of secret data in an appropriate carrier, e.g., image, audio, video or TCP/IP header file. Steganography’s goal is to hide the very existence of embedded data so as not to arouse an eavesdropper’s suspicion. For hiding secret data in digital images, large varieties of steganographic techniques are available, some are more complex than others, and all of them have their respective pros and cons. Steganography has various useful applications and the technique employed depends on the requirements of the application to be designed for. This paper intends the encryption of secret message and hiding the data in cover image. Also inverse Z-transform is used to modify the pixel location and then genetic algorithm is used to have more secure message.

Keywords: Steganography, cryptography, Genetic Algorithm, Inverse Z-transform.


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